Sales Problem: No Problems

Mark Sellers

Mike Bosworth and I were chatting the other day about engaging customers.  Mike's the author of course of the highly successful Solution Selling book published in 1995.  He's got a compelling new approach to engaging customers that you should check out.  It's about telling stories. He made some great points about marketing's role in the sale and one in particular stuck with me.  He said it's marketing's job to get prospects curious.  That might not be an automatic invitation to a sit down with the salesperson but it sure is a door opener.  Unfortunately what many salespeople do next gets that door slammed in their faces. They  poke around for problems. This is both normal and...Read More

Sales Funnel TVR: An Umbrella for a Sunny Day

Mark Sellers

Some divide the world into two types of people.  Those that pack an umbrella and those that get wet. What type of salesperson packs an umbrella?  It's the type that anticipates and is prepared for what could happen. This past year I had a couple of client situations where the unforeseen happened.  The salesperson lost a big account and suffered the consequences of lost revenue and missed quotas.  These were accounts that brought in from 15% to 25% of sales for the rep.  The pain hurt. It's not always possible to prevent big accounts from exiting, but you can take measures to limit the downside risk of the lost revenue when it happens.  How?  Sales funnel management can play a...Read More

Two Sales Lessons from the Great John Wooden

Mark Sellers

Recently I've discovered a new love.  Basketball. My 12 year old son came to me three years ago and asked me to coach his school team.  Not a good idea I said.  I don't know a thing about basketball.  However I do know a lot about over protective parents who want to know why Johnny doesn't get more playing time. With the help of a good friend taking the team's head coach spot I overcame my intimidation and accepted my son's request. Wow!  I can't believe how fun this game is.  I've learned 'x's and 'o's, offensive and defensive sets, press break plays and more.  I started playing in a men's league once a week when I'm in town and absolutely love it. After reading the book ...Read More

Sales Process: Why Sales Managers Really Need One

Mark Sellers

A recent bad experience trying to buy a sandwich in the airport reminded me of why sales managers need a sales process for deals or opportunities. What should have been a 45-90 second pitstop turned into a 6 minute delay.  That's like a dental check up taking four hours. The vendor's problems appeared to be a combination of poor systems (credit cards couldn't be processed correctly, bar codes weren't reading properly) and poor training.  The clerk got extremely flustered, called for help, couldn't find it, and eventually gave up.  I felt badly for her, later, when I stopped feeling badly for me. The customer service goal of most fast food/convenience type shops is to process the ...Read More

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