The Holy Trinity of Executive Sales Leadership

Mark Sellers

There are some things that clearly differentiate accomplished executive sales leaders from those that don't achieve as much. They focus their strategies and energies on people, the sales pipeline, and process to execute on both. While this may seem fundamental some executive sales leaders struggle to get it right. My colleague John Hoskins and I have created a white paper to help you ask the right questions about your commitment and approach to these three vital areas of driving sales performance.  It's available at this link, white paper for executive sales leadership. John and I both hope you gain immensely from the paper.  Good selling,   Mark Sellers Breakthrough...Read More

Maximize Sales Coaching Impact

Mark Sellers

Most sales managers I know have sales funnels.  I want to help you make it the best coaching tool in your bag. First, use the funnel as a diagnostic tool. The shape and condition of a rep's funnel can reveal a lot about how the rep manages his or her territory and time and priorities.  A funnel full of early stage deals but few in TVR or ready to close could mean the rep is good at adding new opportunities but not as good at advancing them.  A funnel with few opportunities at all stages could be a sign that multi-tasking is a struggle.  A funnel full of large deals, home run deals but few or no smaller deals might suggest the rep bets a lot on these larger deals.  Or just the opposit...Read More

Sales Tip 1.0: Pick Up The Phone

Mark Sellers

Hats off to my insurance agent who recently used old fashioned technology and old school techniques to keep me happy. He called me. Following a recent personal visit he made to my house I happened to read some overlooked mail his agency sent me a few weeks earlier.  I received a notice saying the insurance company was increasing my home owner's insurance deduction from a thousand dollars to one half a percent of the value of the dwelling.  Hypothetically a home valued at 500K would now have a deductible of 2500 dollars.   That's a 250% increase.  It gets worse if the value of the dwelling is more.  It got my attention but for some reason he failed to bring it up during his visit. ...Read More

Mid Year Sales Push: Purposeful Time Management

Mark Sellers

Activity suggests a life filled with purpose. A quote about the plight of many salespeople?  No.  It was a line spoken by Captain von Trapp in the great film The Sound of Music. But it does apply to salespeople.  I know and work with many salespeople who are dog tired busy with activity.  But not all of the activity is filled with purpose and effectiveness. For many salespeople at the halfway point of the quota year now is the time to double down on being purposeful and effective.  Here are 3 tips to do this. One - Isolate all sales on your funnel that have reached Commit Funding stage.  We call these TVR deals. They'll likely become an order for some company, if not yours,...Read More

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