Sales Process

Is your sales process missing the biggest thing to happen in sales in a generation? If it isn’t defined and designed by how your customers buy from you, then it is. Learn more about the BuyCycle Funnel™ model that Mark created and uses to design sales process for all of his clients.

Sales Training

It’s proven that sales training alone rarely changes sales behavior. Our clients get only a day and a half of training. They put most of their investment in coaching their sales managers.

Coaching Managers

Front line sales managers play the most pivotal role in driving sales process. They make sales training and sales process succeed - or they let it fail. We focus on developing front line sales managers into strong leaders of sales process. We start with powerful, proven concepts and add tools and techniques.


Mark speaks about the gift of humility, the courage to believe in oneself, and the power of finding meaning in the paradox.


Need that one idea to break through to a struggling salesperson? Looking for one thing to make a difference on your next sales call? Look here! Mark has published over 200 columns, blogs, white papers and video sales tips. Access a treasure trove of sales ideas to help you break through.

March 14, 2017

Sales Coaching: Where You Put Your Coaching Attention Counts

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February 28, 2017

Selling to the Financial Decision Maker

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February 21, 2017

4 Tips for Making Better Sales Calls

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Mark Sellers

CEO & Founder

(614) 571-8267

Mark Sellers is CEO of Breakthrough Sales Performance™, a sales training and consulting company he founded in 1996.

Breakthrough is hired by B2B companies around the world to get their sales teams to qualify better and faster, win more sales, and build healthier pipelines. Breakthrough does this by providing enterprise wide sales training, coaching, and consulting services. Clients include Danaher, ITW, Bemis, RONA, West Pharmaceutical Services, Sartomer TOTAL, Deli Express, Microchip Technology, and many others.

The foundation of Breakthrough’s sales methodology is an innovative, game-changing approach of selling to the customer’s buying process. Mark is a thought leader in this approach. Breakthrough’s methodology was introduced in Mark’s first book The Funnel Principle published in 2008. The Funnel Principle was named a Top Ten Best Sales Book to Read by Selling Power magazine.

Mark is a frequent blogger, guest speaker for webinars, and contributor to sales industry mediums such as Selling Power magazine, Customer Think, and the American Business Journals newspapers.