Sales Process

We’ve learned that changes in selling take place over time, not overnight.  We’ve learned there are 3 keys to driving changes in selling behavior.  1) align your sales process to your customer’s buying process, 2) let your sales team design your sales process, and 3) invest in your sales managers to coach to the process. This 5 Step Process is proven effective in doing all three of these.

Keynote Speaking

Mark has a unique perspective on life, which drives his unique perspective on sales.  He can deliver a motivating kick ass type of keynote, or one that is more reflective and intellectual.  Either way Mark is a salesman’s salesman.  Your salespeople will immediately relate to him and his message.

Coaching Sales Managers

Your sales managers are pivotal to the sales process – they either drive it with their people and succeed, or they allow it to die slow or even quick deaths.

The mistake many organizations make is giving their managers a ‘hall pass’ for coaching training, thinking that for some reason managers don’t need to learn or be coached any more.

To be clear, our focus for the entire 5 Step Process of Funnel Principle implementation is coaching and developing your front line sales managers.

Sales Training

We train salespeople, sales managers, and anyone that needs to understand better how they can contribute to driving sales through the customer buying process.

Clients hire us to provide training from 2 days to 2 hours, at their regional, national and global sales meetings, or other special events.  Our training is highly engaging, combining non-client specific scenarios as well as client specific ones.  Many of our clients leave our training events having created strategies that are then implemented and tracked after the leave.