Your Objectives

Looking to increase top line sales? Invest in your sales managers

If you’re responsible for driving sales growth – a sales manager, a VP of sales, or even the GM or CEO of the company – you’re always looking for ways to do just that.

The traditional approach is to spend money on sales training. While training, or ‘motivational’ speakers, can yield a tip or two , it rarely produces lasting changes in selling behavior. You need a return on that investment, and you get return that with Breakthrough Sales.

Our approach is different. We focus on making your front line sales managers great leaders.

Because your front line sales managers are the most pivotal influence on your sales people, these managers need training and coaching on how to play that role.

  • They need visions of being a leader of salespeople.
  • They need a coaching framework within which to lead.
  • They need an external sounding board to share struggles and challenges, and to seek honest, unbiased feedback

Sales managers also need to have good ‘data’ on the sales funnel. While sales reports provide ‘lagging indicator’ data, managers need ‘leading indicator’ data that only a BuyCycle FunnelTM model provides. Having leading indicator data helps the sales manager drive higher sales with each rep by focusing today on what will increase sales tomorrow.

Looking to move deals faster through the sales funnel?

Every manager and rep wants to move deals through the funnel faster. There are several keys to doing this.

  • For one, you need to know if a customer has made the first big decision – to commit to change.
  • Second, you need to know which person has the authority to commit to spending money. We call her the PFA, person with financial authority.
  • Finally, movement through the funnel often requires an emotional reason to take action. An emotional, personal incentive is often the wind in the sail of deal movement.

Looking to empower accurate sales forecasting?

We have a simple solution to more accurate forecasting. A more accurate sales funnel makes for a more accurate sales forecast.

By definition, the forecast is pulled from the funnel. The problem is most funnels range from 30-75% inaccurate. Managers can’t trust what they’re looking at.

Why does accurate forecasting matter?

A CEO reminded me that accurate forecasting affects many of his decisions including:

  • The timing of investments made in the business
  • Whether investments can be made at all
  • Cash flow
  • Profitability when companies have to borrow on lines of credit, which is especially important to smaller, fast growing companies