Sales expert Mark Sellers provides highly-engaging workshops – ranging from 2 hours to 2 days – at your regional, national and global sales meetings, or other special events.

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We help salespeople make better sales calls. How? We help them understand the customer’s buying journey. When salespeople understand the customer’s buying journey they discover more, they ask better questions, they get better information. They build trust and credibility. They invite people to buy. It becomes a conversation with a close.

The paradigm has shifted – to win more sales you have to understand your customer’s buying journey. I literally wrote the book on that, called The Funnel Principle. It was named by Selling Power magazine a top ten best book to read. Using our BuyCycle Funnel model, salespeople know exactly what information they need to get. We teach them how to get it, from identifying the stakeholders and what matters to them, to developing Advocates who fight to have your solution selected. Use our A3 opportunity worksheet to organize and prioritize your strategy.

One of the best ways to grow your sales is with your existing customers. We’ve created an account management framework that our clients use to 1) target key relationships, 2) understand the customer’s business sufficiently, 3) identify where they can truly add value, 4) and set strategies to go win the business. It is by design simple because complex sales processes won’t get used. Our clients then use a strict account review cadence that drives accountability, focus and progress.