About Breakthrough Sales Performance LLC

Our mission is simple – to help you achieve your most important sales objectives.

Breakthrough Sales Performance LLC, is an innovative sales consulting firm that approaches the sales process through the eyes of the customer. Breakthrough has emerged as an authority on funnel management and effective sales processes. Cited with making significant, measurable and sustainable contributions to clients’ business objectives, Breakthrough has impacted corporations around the world.

Today, Breakthrough Sales Performance builds on its revolutionary Funnel Principle™ system to challenge sales leaders to confront their blindspots and embrace humility to connect with sales teams on a deeper level, leading to motivation, better sales results and higher retention of sales talent.

Companies hire us to help them grow top line sales. We collaborate and help the client co-create their sales process. Our system focuses on creating/supporting the front line sales manager as leader and driver of the sales process.

Established in 1997, Breakthrough Sales Performance’s clients are mostly small to medium sized businesses with revenue from 25M to 250M, with leaders that are committed to a 6 month to one year program of using Breakthrough to drive results. Breakthrough’s channel experience includes direct sales, value added resellers, broker/dealer channels, OE, independent sales representatives or agents, large distributors and 2/3 step automotive aftermarket channels.

About CEO & Founder Mark Sellers

CEO Mark Sellers brings the wisdom from three decades of sales experience to his clients, and is a sought-after expert in sales funnel management and sales leadership coaching.

Sellers founded Breakthrough Sales Performance in 1997 by becoming a franchise of the Miller Heiman company. Prior to that he worked twelve years in sales, sales management and sales
training positions for Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Medex.

Mark was inspired to develop a new approach to selling in 2000 and soon after created the BuyCycle Funnel™, a game changing customer buying process model that aligns selling activities to the customer’s buying process.

The BuyCycle Funnel™ has become the industry standard for sales funnel
management and opportunity management.

Mark published his book The Funnel Principle in 2008 after several years of helping clients use the BuyCycle Funnel™ to improve their sales performance. Selling Power magazine called The Funnel Principle ‘revolutionary’.

Mark has trained and coached thousands of salespeople and teams in 19 countries. More than 120 sales teams around the world have implemented The Funnel Principle™ system. Breakthrough markets and sells The Funnel Principle™ through a network of agents and dealers around the world.

Mark will publish his next book called Blindspots: The Hidden Killer of Sales Coaching in 2019.

Mark is a frequent blogger, guest speaker for webinars, and contributor to sales industry mediums such as Selling Power magazine, Customer Think, and the American Business Journals newspapers.

Breakthrough Sales Team

John Hoskins, Founder of Sales Genomix and Level 5 Selling

After a successful career in sales management at Xerox, John Hoskins founded Advantage Performance Group, a sales training and leadership development company. He sold APG in 2006, and then founded Sales Genomix, a company that helps clients hire, retain and develop sales talent. John now leads Revenue Partner, a sister company to The Alexander Group, that provides sales training and leadership services.