Mark has a unique perspective on life, which drives his unique perspective on sales. He can deliver a motivating, kick ass keynote, or one that is more reflective and thought-provoking. Either way Mark is a salesperson’s salesperson. He has presented at sales conferences, trade shows and in front of audiences across the world; your salespeople will immediately relate to him and his message.

Incorporating the Customer Buying Journey Into Your Selling Efforts

Understanding your customer’s buying journey can be a game changer to your sales effectiveness.  Mark shares his nearly two decades of experience with this topic to help your salespeople be more successful.

Blindspots: The Hidden Killer of Sales Coaching

Want to be a more effective sales leader?  Be careful what you ask for.  You’ll need to be more vulnerable and embrace humility.  You’ll need to face the truth about your Blindspots and commit to taking action on them.