The concept of the customer buying journey (also called the customer decision making process or customer buying process) has been a topic of study for Mark Sellers for nearly two decades.

Mark’s book The Funnel Principle introduced the sales industry in 2008 to the customer buying journey model he created called The BuyCycle Funnel.  Selling Power magazine publisher Gerhard Gschwandtner called it ‘revolutionary!’

Since 2000 when Mark first created The BuyCycle Funnel 120 global sales teams have used it to impact their sales performance.

  1. The longest tested and validated customer buying journey of any sales training company
  2. 120 global sales teams have implemented
  3. Aligns selling activities to customer buying stage
  4. Customized for every client using a proven facilitation process

How does the BuyCycle Funnel work with Miller Heiman, Challenger, Solution Selling, SPIN Selling, Richardson, and any other sales method?

In short, fantastically well!  

The BuyCycle Funnel makes these sales methods even better.  This is because The BuyCycle Funnel gives the salesperson the proper context for her selling activities.  This is not just a ‘nice’ to have feature of your sales process – it’s a difference maker.

Click below to download a short white paper explaining how The BuyCycle Funnel works with popular selling methods.